Vincent de Boer is a 22-year-old music artist & producer from Groningen, The Netherlands. With years of experience in the music industry under his belt. His music has been described as a rollercoaster of emotions that’s been masterfully crafted.

Born in a family of music lovers, it’s no surprise Vincent soon discovered his passion for instrumental music. His first album ”The beauty and the beats” was an immediate success. Vincent utilized social media to create much demand for his music. Tiktokkers and Influencers created anticipation and hype for his music in the pre-release stages. His music has received international attention

Vincent de Boer in the media

Vincent de Boer, a music producer turned rapper, has just released his long-awaited track “Big Dreams” featuring Atlanta-based artist Surf. Throughout this release, the artist details a journey through the highs and lows of chasing your dreams.


Vincent is a 22-year-old rapper and music producer from Groningen, The Netherlands – a small city with a big rap music scene and is no stranger to making music. For years he has been behind the scenes producing beats and now he is stepping into the limelight with his debut rap single “Big Dreams”.

Construir un nombre sólido en la escena musical mundial es uno de los pasos más desafiantes. La industria de la música está saturada y sin las conexiones y los recursos adecuados, es difícil llegar a la cima. Pero esto no ha detenido al rapero en rápido crecimiento. Vincent de Boer dejar su huella. Vincent es un cantante, compositor y productor holandés nacido y criado.

Vincent apareció por primera vez en los titulares como productor musical. Comenzó a hacer ritmos durante el período de confinamiento en 2020. En ese momento, Vincent tenía 20 años y, como muchos otros, buscaba algo que lo mantuviera ocupado durante el confinamiento

Building a solid name in the global music scene is one of the most challenging steps. The music industry is saturated, and without connections and the right resources, it is hard to reach the top. But this hasn’t stopped fast-rising rapper Vincent de Boer from making his mark. Vincent is a born-and-raised Dutch singer, songwriter, and producer.

Vincent first made headlines as a music producer. He started making beats during the lockdown period in 2020. At the time, Vincent was 20 years old, and like many others, he was looking for something to keep him occupied during the lockdown.

Vincent de Boer is rapper and music producer born on 3 July 2000. Which gives him the Cancer star sign. People born under the Cancer star sign are said to be creative and sensitive souls. They are in tune with their emotions and have a great capacity for empathy. This means they often make great musicians and artists, as they are able to pour their emotions into their work.

Vincent de Boer released his track “Big Dreams” in November of 2022. The track has been met with critical acclaim and praise with de Boer delivering his bars with precision, hitting all the right marks and tones.

Rappers vertellen vaak verhalen over hun persoonlijke leven en de wereld om hen heen. Zij gebruiken hun teksten om te praten over sociale kwesties en om bewustzijn te creëren over belangrijke onderwerpen.

Een belangrijke speler in dit genre is Vincent de Boer, een Nederlandse muziek producer en rapper uit Groningen. Zijn track “Big Dreams”is een goed voorbeeld van de Nederlandse rapscene. Op de track toont Vincent de Boer zijn veelzijdigheid als artiest..

“Big Dreams” begint met een eenvoudige synth-gedreven beat die de relaxte toon van het nummer zet. Het is het soort single waar we niets anders mee kunnen doen dan ons hoofd laten deinen als we ernaar luisteren. Over het algemeen is het nummer goed geproducet en zijn de beats van Vincent de Boer pakkend. Zijn beat en flow lopen soepel in elkaar over..

Net als de rest van Nederland zat de Groningse Vincent de Boer in 2020 plotseling thuis in lockdown, nadat de coronapandemie het land in zijn greep kreeg. Geen uitstapjes met vrienden, geen sportactiviteiten en, doordat hij in zijn examenjaar zat, nauwelijks online lesuren. De 21-jarige student besloot de tijd niet uit te zitten en ontdekte een nieuwe passie: muziek maken…

Net als de rest van Nederland zat Vincent de Boer uit Groningen in 2020 plotseling thuis in lockdown, nadat Covid-19 het land in zijn greep kreeg. Geen uitstapjes met vrienden, geen sportactiviteiten en, doordat hij in zijn examenjaar zat, nauwelijks online lesuren. De 21-jarige student besloot de tijd niet uit te zitten en ontdekte een nieuwe passie: muziek maken

People all over the world have had a difficult year in 2020. There was sadness and misery all around, with lockdowns limiting daily life, people losing jobs, and the coronavirus wreaking havoc. But, in the middle of it all, a young Dutchman decided to bring a ray of hope into the world by creating amazing music.


The coronavirus pandemic has certainly been a tough time for everyone. With people losing their jobs and the widespread destruction this infection caused, it is very easy to become depressed. Amid these difficult times, a worth noticing music producer has emerged: Vincent de Boer. With his immense understanding of colorful hip hop style, beats, this 20-year-old is helping to push away the blues..

Vincent de Boer is a 20-year old hip-hop producer from Groningen, the Netherlands. Yes, Dutch hip-hop is a thing and has been around for many years. De Boer tapped into hip-hop’s long time international appeal with its roots in poverty and the trials and tribulations of society, government, and overall life, while also celebrating it, when he began producing his latest EP Famous during the bleak times of a Covid-19 shutdown. De Boer felt producing music was a great way to escape the troubles of the pandemic. And he is right, what better way to escape the walls of a lockdown than with a dream of superstardom? He masterfully blends various hip-hop beats to create a 5-track EP that evokes a feeling of hope in sad times

Vincent de Boer, a 20-year-old rapper and Hip-hop artist from Groningen, Netherlands, is quickly taking over the music scene. When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, several countries went into lockdown mode, hard times hit, and de Boer found himself with a lot of free time on his hands.

Making music and keeping himself amused seemed to be the best option, so Vincent de Boer did just that and began working on his “Famous.” His primary purpose was to inspire others, and each track on his album has a unique meaning.

The pandemic has caused a hard time for everyone, no matter if you’re young or old, rich or poor, we are all experiencing a downside during these hard times. COVID-19 is still a big part of our lives, even in 2021. And even though the future is not looking bright at the moment, we can use the time we spend at home to find a new career, or hobby to continue with once this pandemic and lockdown is over. One of the things you can do is finally start the career you’ve always dreamed about…


Memory is een project dat lang in de kinderschoenen stond. Zes maanden is er dag en nacht gewerkt aan dit project, dat wordt gekenmerkt door een mix van de beste kwaliteiten van de twee producers. Het eerste dat opvalt is de melodische piano tonen waar Vincent bekend om is komen te staan. Een stijl die Vincent zichzelf aangeleerd heeft door middel van vallen en opstaan...

Vincent de Boer is a 20-year-old artist from Groningen, The Netherlands, with a serious knack for creating electronic music. He started working on his EP, Famous. during the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020. After months of hard work and dedication, his follow-up to The Beauty and the Beats is now available on Spotify...

Memory is a project that was in its infancy for a long time. This project has been working day and night for six months, which is characterized by a mix of the best qualities of the two producers. The first thing you notice is the melodic piano tones that Vincent has become known for. A style that Vincent taught himself through trial and error...

Everyone has had a difficult time as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Amid these trying times, Vincent de Boer emerged as a music producer. Like billions of others around the world, he was anxious and depressed. That’s when music became a coping mechanism for him. During the COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, the 20-year-old began work on his EP, “Famous.” The rapper is helping drive away from the blues with his vast knowledge of vibrant hip-hop style and rhythms...

Vincent de Boer is a musician and producer from Groningen, the Netherlands. This Dutch hip hop producer is paving his way to the top, one beat at a time. With an indescribable musical style and a desire to become the best version of himself. Creativity, self-expression, and humor are three words that describe this charming Dutch man...